What are some of the things you like best about where you live?


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PJ Stein answered

I like all the outdoor things to do, like hiking, boating, and swimming. But I love that I can watch a rocket launch from my backyard!

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Nice area. Walkable. Very low  nonexistent crime. Close to everything and 4 Wal-Marts, 3 majors grocery stores, easy access to 2 malls, 2 libraries.

Lots of activities and like Danae's, my city offers lots of free activities . 😄

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Call me Z
Call me Z commented
4 Walmarts? Seriously?
Jann Nikka
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Yes, All within 10 miles, close 🤗 Tidwell 3.5 miles, Silber 7 miles, I -45 4.5miles and Yale 8.7 miles. Seriously 🤗
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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit96th, answered

I like that there are two large greenways within 20 minutes of our apartment. One is four and a half miles and the other is seven miles and we walk them often! Also, within an hour away, we have Pilot Mountain state park and Hanging Rock state park that we also hike quite often! We enjoy the outdoors.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Like the others said, it's peaceful and pretty quiet here. Very low crime rate and lot's of things to do. Library on the corner next to the Softball fields and all located in a big nice park. Close to the river and two lakes and lot's of wildlife around. Love it here.

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nine blocks from galveston bay. I can watch the pelicans and egret birds. Kemah boardwalk three miles north .everyone is trying to sell shrimp from their boats or u can go fishing

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Peaceful and quiet, 5 minutes from a nice downtown, 20 minutes from the Beach, and hour from the mountains . . . 15 minutes from a quaint coastal historic town . . .

Nice range of birds to watch . . . I love the seasons (Especially Fall) . . .We rarely have any dangerous weather or tectonic plate shifting . . .

Not a bad place at all.

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I'm far from any city and I enjoy my Leave it to Beaver suburban neighborhood. Tree lined streets, nice neighbors, quiet, small wildlife running around and three pizza places within one mile of my house.

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Skip Gentry answered

I have a nice house with a big back yard. I live 7 miles away from Walmart, and other stores and restaurants. It's a nice area.

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Woof Woofy answered

not a lot out here so. I hate it. Still live in the same metro area as my home city but further out in a different city, its developing and has more farm land, ...  Sucky bus service etc.. i miss living with my parents in a more centralized location

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Jann Nikka
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Go to California make your new home in Rooster's garden and swim in his pool. Befriend Hunter and be happy🤗
Janis Haskell
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Sorry Skunky! I hope you can eventually find the perfect spot for you.
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Finally! Been trying off and on all day to insert a picture. Thanks Rooster.

This is one of the things, the view at sundown, I like where I live.

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Didge Doo answered

I love that I'm sitting on a mountain about 60 km west of the Sydney CBD. I'm far enough out to have easy access to the city when I want it and yet still have a leafy environment with all manner of wildlife.

Here's my street, courtesy of Google maps. (My house is hiding behind that big stand of oleanders on the right. Google must have been around a while ago: I've pruned them since this was taken.)

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Virginia Lou
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David it is wonderful for me to see this photo, your home long ago and one of your beloved offspring, makes me feel even closer to you...
Didge Doo
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We're still in the same house -- sans offspring. I'll see if I can takeya better pic later
Virginia Lou
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That would be nice, Dozy...
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Janis Haskell answered

I love living at the foot of the mountains .... They are so beautiful!  I also love living so close to the university where I work.  I can also see the beautiful cemetery where my little urn plot is just a half a block from my home.  This is the perfect spot for me. :)

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Virginia Lou answered

Dear GatorBlu

I was thinking of your Q yesterday, driving the winding country road to Chehalis, which at pop. 8,000 is a good option if you need something in the 'big city'...through a sunny prairie-cum-forestland but still only 100 miles from the ocean so the local flora (in full glory now) have names like "ocean spray," and "creambush rockspirea"....

Tenino, Washington where I am now is ~75 miles from where I was born, and at pop. 1700 I sometimes feel deja vu like those sci fi programs where you wake up in your home town as it was long ago...a sweeter, gentler time...

I don't know yet how many churches are in Tenino, but I can see three from my apartment...and just like most of the town came through the Landmark Tavern last night, they will all come out for lunch today at St. Peter's Catholic Church, where the ladies' auxiliary is putting on a big feed to celebrate the 125 year anniversary of their congregation...

The library sponsors a walking club next jaunt down to Scatter Creek, which feeds the Skookumchuck River (transl. MEDICINE WATER) ...where everybody including me rides their rubber raft down to put out at the park...

So yah, I don't mind at all being here in Tenino...at least for the moment...

* * *

The Tenino City Hall and much of the town itself is built of sandstone, the big industry until 1928 or so was the sandstone quarry...

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