Do you have a lot of throw pillows (cushions) on your beds and couches/sofas? Any comment about your tastes? colors?


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My mum loves cushions! On the sofa in the living room there are 5 cushions/pillows, with brown and orange/red patterns on them. On the sofa in the dining room there are 2 cushions with cream and blue patterns. Also on my bed I have a cushion with my avatar picture printed on it :)

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Linilla Schmidt
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Apparently it's really trendy to have a cluster of pillows that don't match! Like on purpose not to.
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I don't have a single one. Now that I think about it, it's kind of weird that I don't.

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Linilla Schmidt
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I have very few, too, compared to most it seems. Is why I ask.
Now and then I see a visitor put one of my few pillows in back of them (to support their back?) so it's good that I have a few.
Ancient Hippy
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I don't have a sofa, I just have a bunch of recliners in my living room, so I guess I really don't need pillows.
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I used to but when I moved they all kind of ""disappeared". I think my kids tossed them or kept them -but I used the have some really nice ones-beaded, embroidered,  and everything.

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I have one on my love seat that a nice lady made for me with Basset hounds on it. Only one I have as the dogs chewed up the others when they were young !

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I like to keep pillows to a minimum, but the ones I do have are either for sleeping or decorative purposes. I've worked with a few people in my field that go by a rule of 5 for beds: Two that match the sheets, two that match the bedspread, and one in the middle that compliments everything

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My wife had 15 or more in the den alone so,

I filled 10 with heleam and let them float on the ceiling

so if you want one you just pull it down.

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no, it depends on the general style of the room. When I was doing repairs in the apartment, the full design was done by the company They did it very cool. Yes, you have to pay for it, but it's worth it.

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