Had a $25 Gift Card, (Got it free) first time at Applebees, just finished lunch and a ROACH walked across my table and a fly is flying around, he's now on the table. What's up with these two on my table? LMAO. Waiter was excellent, I gave him the gift card. I'm not returning,  I perfer the Olive Garden. 


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COMPLAIN!!!! Speak to a manager! The fly..... Happens...... A ROACH walking across your table!?!??! No no no no... FREE meal!

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Yin And Yang
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I personally like Chili's better then AppleBees as well. That was nice of you to the waiter. :0)
Jann Nikka
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He was a very good waiter and did all I asked with a very sweet personality.
KB Baldwin
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Did they charge you extra for the roach?
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You're a kinder person than I am  Jan :) I would have had a temper fit and demanded everything be compt!  ... It would have been a scene ;p  We don't have apple bee here or Olive Garden  ..<---that has nothing to do with anything ... But we don't :)

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I don't mind Applebees and have never had a problem like that here, but I surely would have brought that to the attention of the management, tipped the waiter well, and kept my gift card. (Re-gift if you didn't like the restaurant!)

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Jann Nikka
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1. With all the construction going on it took me 3 tries on 3 different days and 45 minutes to day. I don't like Applebees, and it's far from my home.
2. The Olive Garden has my preferred cuisine and it very close to my home. The all you can eat soup, salad and breadsticks, Applebees don't have breadsticks.
3. I didn't have cash to tip him, I forgot I used by dollars to tip for my nails and fill up. No change in the car.
4. I asked 4 people to go to lunch with over a month. All were busy making excuses, so they wouldn't have wanted the $25 gift card.
5. I wasn't going to return and it was gifted to me for filling out a Survey.
6. I gifted it to Jamal my waiter. 😊
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Hey u could have cockroach races at your table

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I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. I have been to a lot of Applebees and never had a problem like that, just the occasional slow service. But in all honesty, their food is just okay. I prefer to skip the chains and find local restaurants myself.

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