Is there a charity that will come and pick up EVERYTHING in your house (as a donation). I just inherited a condo, with a bunch of stuff I dont want and dont really have the space for?


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The best you can do is call your local charities and ask.

I just went through this with my mothers house and it was a real chore getting a charity to take the stuff. Good Will will only take a minimum of 3 rooms, The Salvation Army will only take stuff that is taken apart (bed frames, drawers out of dressers, etc) and other local charities won't pick it up since they were drop off only. I couldn't GIVE the stuff away and there was enough for a person to complete a house. I'm talking about good furniture, appliances, pots and pans, flatware, TV's.........the works.

That's the experience that I had in my area, I hope your experience is different.

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I was really surprised and disappointed in the big charities and wrote letters to let them know. I finally found a local church that was planning a "rummage" sale. I didn't want to transport all of her stuff so I let them have the rummage sale in my mom's front yard and in the house. It worked, I got rid of practically everything and the church made a lot of money.
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The charities that I called really ticked me off.
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Dear Anonymous,

Do you have the time (and energy) to take photos and post your goods for sale on CraigsList? That is what I did when I got evicted and had to get rid of my belongings quickly.

I did not do it under the FREE category, but under the categories of "Furniture," and "Household." Then I put really low prices, like $5 for my bed and $25 for things that would easily have sold for $50 on up. Smaller stuff I put out for my neighbors to go through, after which the gear was down so much I could easily take it to Goodwill.

I had three days to get out; and with CraigsList everything was gone mostly that same day or two, and went to people who really could use it ... A win-win situation.

* * * other idea for you...check with your local Lions Club. Here in Tenino, they have an annual yard sale at the local school and the collect up for it all year. They DO come and clean out someone's whole house in an estate situation.

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