can you recommend me a website where I can buy whiskey glasses?


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Cookie Roma Profile
Cookie Roma answered

I bought some really great whiskey glasses from Amazon 

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Virginia Lou answered

Dear John Petkov,

Others have given you good websites, however if you enjoy shopping you can have lots of fun going to second-hand stores.

They often have unusual and beautiful glassware you cannot even buy anymore, and reasonable too (avoid antique stores, however).

* * *

And btw, welcome to Blurtit, hope you enjoy and stay a long time.

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Karl Sagan , buy cups and other, answered

Good afternoon! I want to tell you about a very cool place where you can buy cutlery (forks, spoons, an interesting cup), cutlery for barista, and other interesting things! I love to use quality and beautiful tableware, I love it when guests come and see a neatly set table. this is the site! I think you can find something for yourself

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