What is something new that you got for your home (or your car, or yourself) that you just really enjoy and it makes a big difference?

After posting a few questions about HOME on Blurt, I came upon a lovely wool carpet on CraigsList. It is 6' x 9', so it covers most of the blackish rug in the apt. and it makes a huge difference (see answers). 

Also I really appreciate the responses everyone gave, I am relaxing more with a different relation to my home than ever before!


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A bit of a Southwest flavor, I will get an inexpensive print of August Macke's exquisitely beautiful masterpiece Kairouan III to hang on the wall now...     and move on with my life in color and warmth and beauty.

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Mrs Didge is no longer able to drive a manual car so a few weeks ago we traded in our old car on an automatic. I love it. But best of all it has a reversing camera.

It's years since I was able to turn my head far enough to reverse safely so my reversing has needed much patience and a smidgen of luck. It's wonderful to see where I'm going now.

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Yin And Yang answered

My husband got creative and turned an outside light into an inside light. He mounted it to our bedroom wall and I could not believe it was once a light for the outdoors! It makes my life easier because of how and where it is placed.

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Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
What a difference a light can make, too...
Yang sounds quite creative!
Yin And Yang
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Thank you kindly my friend. :0)
He also put in a "dimmer switch" for the bathroom but he says that is common and easy.....
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A couple of vases. One for a bigger arrangement and a bud vase. It really makes my home lovely to have fresh flowers. Even if it's a single bloom.

Wine glasses or low ball glasses. I like having a fancy glass for my wine, scotch or well drink. Even if drinking alone I will drink in a nice glass. Sometimes they are matching, sometimes they are mismatched. I've picked up some beautiful glass from yard sales, thrift stores, and consignment shops.

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Virginia Lou
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Flower(s) in a lovely vase, and spirits in a lovely glass...I love those also.
dragonfly forty-six
Happy to hear that you are settling in your home, Virginia. Maybe you just need a little dragonfly somewhere....
Virginia Lou
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DragonFly, when I was in Iowa I actually had a little collection that was beginning to assemble itself...almost without any effort from me...things like a room diffuser that was on closeout at the Botanical Center, a shiny teapot impressed with a dragonfly...few other things I don't even recall.
Yes! I am going to be on the lookout for a dragonfly here in Washington too, definitely, that will make all the difference.
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I'm in the process of replacing my old and boring living room lamps with steampunk lamps that I'm making. Evey body loves them so much that I'm making some for Christmas gifts. They really give my LR a warm  and comforting glow. Here are a couple:

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With any luck, after today it will be a new washer and dryer  I live in an apartment with a space for a washer and dryer  I've had the money saved for over a year  FINALLY, last Saturday I went to Home Depot to buy them  Thankfully, the sales person told me that today, they are starting a great sale  The LG set that I liked will be $250.00 off each piece  That was worth waiting to buy it 

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Virginia Lou
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Oh Cookie Roma! What a wonderful addition...just adding some convenience to life also.
Cookie Roma
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I know. It's amazing how I'm looking forward to getting them delivered. Just the convenience of it will be so great.
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We have an open floor plan which I love because of all the light it lets in. The problem is there is little wall space. Once I hung a few things there was no room for shelves. We bought a large entertainment center. The bottom has closed cabinets for storage, but there are shelves that go up the sides and a row of glass front cabinets across the top. I can now display the items my husband and I have picked up during ur travels. (Bonus is with the glass fronts they don't get dusty. 😆)

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For my car I got a new steering wheel cover. It's black and purple! I love it! Does Skyrim Remastered count as something new for my home? ;)

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Virginia Lou
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Stormy-Lynn both of those sound wonderful, both would just give a sense of delight and fun. I looked up Skyrim remastered, looks like it just came out in a new version:

"Skyrim's main story revolves around the player character and their effort to defeat Alduin the World-Eater, a dragon who is prophesied to destroy the world."
Stormy-Lynn Calvert
That's the one! I just bought the brand new version.

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