What color is the exterior of your home? Mine is white.


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Various shades of gray stone with light gray mortar and white window and door trim.

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Mine is grey colored with lighter grey trim.

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The cultured stone on the foundation is different shades of lighter brown with a little gray mixed in. The walls are honey-gold sealer on northern white cedar and the soffit , fascia and metal roof are brown.

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Ours is a Spanish style house, so it has that tan color with brown accents and a tile roof. It sort of resembles this house:

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shree paamban interior , 7 Ways To Pick Exterior Paint Colors For Indian Homes, answered

We often let our home interiors talk volumes about our personality but seldom do we realize that our exteriors make the first impression. So how do you we know what works and what doesn’t? Our fool proof tips will help you choose the best exterior paint colors for Indian homes:

1. Opt for tone on tone combos

Tone on tone combinations have been used extensively in Indian homes. It simply means putting together different shades from the same color family.

You can use any color that suits your persona and have one or more walls in a complementary tone for added character.

This crisp, modern home plays around with greys, giving it a stylishly demure look. It effortlessly uses a mix of ash and porpoise grey on the lower half of the building. Brown horizontal slat trellis give it a natural, organic touch.

2. Brighten it up

For those who want to take a turn for the unconventional, go for these exterior paint color combinations. Influenced by their European counterparts, Indian homes today don simple, sophisticated tones.

But you can always amp up the look with a bright color albeit in the right places.

Balconies are meant for relaxing and unwinding and this house deftly uses yellow in these areas so they look happy and inviting.

And always remember to choose bright colors that look equally well when light and dark tones. The cheery canary yellow used inside the balcony stands out beautifully in this home complete with slate grey and eggshell tones.

3. Take a cue from historical architecture

Refer to historical architecture to get some amazing inspiration for exterior paint colors for Indian homes. Also, choose colors that go with the building’s style.

Doesn’t this home remind you of the Spanish era? There’s something about the gable roof, open spaces and the strategically built stone wall that lend a sense of history.

The oat and oyster shades of brown add so much character and look apt for this home’s design.

4. Introduce texture

Your home exteriors need not be just bare walls with colors. Try adding textured walls in combination with suitable colors for a unique look.

An exposed brick wall combined with pristine shades of white are just the right mix of industrial and scandinavian styles, done right!

5. Paint the doors

Exterior paints colors for Indian homes need not be limited to the walls. Experiment with painting doors as well. They are a part of the exteriors and can give a completely different look to your home.

Paint the door in a bright hue, such as a beautiful cerulean, and keep the rest of the walls muted. This creates a focal point and helps you select the wall color from a wide range of basics.

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My house has a beige color, as I liked this color the most of all that are close to the wooden shade. Also, I wanted to paint the house black, in which case the paint would take a very long time to dry, since I live in a very sunny area. I think the beige color is perfect. I started painting the house when I started the renovation on the day I moved in. I finished the renovation with the final touch, the security system https://ajax.systems/. After all, such beauty now needs to be protected from external influences of ill-wishers.

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