My phone will not let me download a app.what causes this and will i need to buy a new phone because that is what i did last year??


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Skip Gentry answered

Hi Otis. I'm sorry you're still having problems. I wish I could help you but Happy got me logged in also. What kind of phone do you have? There's got to be a way of getting you in on the new site!

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Otis, I don’t know what app you are talking about.

The new site we are trying to get you on has no app!

Sometimes when you can’t download an app is because you don’t have enough space.

But, askerspick does not have an app.

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Otis Campbell
Otis Campbell commented
Ok your right no app just a site im a dummy
Yin And Yang
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Your not a dummy my friend! I can't wait to get you over there! For me I got a stupid spectrum advertisement if I go to type in "ask" because the new site has an S.... make sure you have the S and the net. Also once your in, I don't even let it load all the way. I just touch questions and it's worked for me everytime I do it that way. ☺
Toni Pauze
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That’s it

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