What's the application of the air system in high-rise housing?


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The advantage of the fresh air system is that it enables the ventilation of the room to achieve a more reasonable and organized airflow movement through purposeful design, thereby achieving the purpose of improving indoor air quality.

The fresh air system can continuously replenish indoor fresh air, reduce the harmful effects of various harmful substances such as benzene and formaldehyde, and avoid the noise and energy consumption caused by the ventilation of windows. It is of great benefit to building energy conservation and human health. You can enjoy the fresh air of nature without opening windows. At the same time, it can also remove harmful gases released from interior decoration for a long period of time, which is beneficial to human health; it can prevent indoor furniture and clothing from becoming moldy, and it can effectively eliminate indoor bacteria and viruses.

Many people attributed many of the current diseases to environmental pollution, more precisely indoor pollution, and spent more than 85% of their time indoors. Therefore, the use of fresh air systems in high-rise residential buildings is one of the most effective ways to improve air quality.

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