Is there a difference between a cushion and a throw pillow? What will be better to decorate bedroom?


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Sophie Carroll answered

Hey. In general all is very simple. Basically, cushion is a special soft pillow, which is a part of the sofa, couch or any other furniture, which supports your body. So you can't decorate something with such pillow..

Kathleen Griffin Profile

Good evening. Yeah, you are right. I can add that throw pillow is a decorative accessory that is placed in corners of your living rooms, sofa, couches, etc.. Usually such pillows are small in size, but can be different colors and form. If you want to find some interesting examples, browse around here and choose relevant category.

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Chips Ters answered

If we are talking about pillows, then I can tell you one thing that it is worth using only those in which you are confident personally, I fell in love with purple decorative pillows only because I found quality pillows on and therefore if you have difficulty choosing, do not hesitate and buy here

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