What kind of maintenance does a septic tank need to work properly?


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A lot of septic tank care comes down to draining it regularly, being careful with what you flush, and keeping an eye out for red flags.

Draining the tank needs to be done regularly by a team of professionals. Otherwise, sludge accumulated in the tank will make it overflow, which can greatly reduce how effective the tank is. Waste removal companies are usually the ones that take care of draining septic tanks. A good example of that is the F.E.S 24/7 website, run by a company that offers septic tank emptying Norfolk services.

As for what to flush, you should generally avoid flushing anything that isn’t human waste. Anything the bacteria in the tank can’t digest will pile up at the bottom of the tank, increasing the rate at which it fills up. You should also try to avoid flushing chemicals that may kill the bacteria in the tank.

Finally, it’s a good idea to watch out for red flags like bad odors around the house or pipes taking too long to drain. Both can be an indicator that there is something wrong with the septic system.

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