How Do I Make Zaplook My Home Page?


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Well it depends on the browser you are using, so being specific about your browser, might get you detailed instructions.

For the record, ZapLook uses Google as their search engine

In Internet Explorer, you would go to Tools>>Internet Options.  You will see a box where you can change your home page.   The current homepage should be highlighted. 

Paste  to have the Zap search box to show. Click Use Current after pasting.

Now go to the bottom, click Apply and then OK.

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Celine Hockenbroch
Ok thanks. Now I need to figure out how to make it my home page on mozilla firefox
Micheal Smith
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Most are basically the same, I think to keep some things standard for the user.
For most browsers it would be found under Tools or Help.

Mozilla is Tools>>Options

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