How Do I Delete Files And Folders Without Sending Them To The Recycle Bin?


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Louise Gorman Profile
Louise Gorman answered
Click on the file or folder that you wish to delete. Hold down the 'Shift' key and right-click on the file or folder. Click on 'Delete. Confirm the delete by clicking on 'Yes' and the file or folder will be permanently deleted.

It might be a better idea to send your files and folders to the Recycle Bin, as you can always access them again. So before you delete something permanently, make sure it is something that you definitely wish to get rid of and not something important!

If you decide that you don't wish to keep anything in your Recycle Bin, then you can empty it by clicking on 'Empty the Recyle Bin' under 'Recycle Bin Tasks'.
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Komal Raithatha answered
To delete a folder without sending it to the recycle bin you have to first select that folder then press shift+delete key so the folder is deleted without go in recycle bin..

This is the easy way to delete folder.

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