Does Big Lots Have Generators? And Air Compressors


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I know you're going to hate the answer but-- Sometimes Yes, Sometimes No. They have sold generators but not air compressors. I have seen air compressors but no generators. Big Lots does its business by buying refurbished equipment, mismarked products, clearance item that will never be made again or material that failed a manufacturers' quality control standards. There is nothing wrong with the product, it is just not matching a certain standard or the product has been discontinued. As a result, when an item hits Big Lots, they tend to go fast. One reason is that Big Lots, in order to keep volume moving will limit the purchase quantity of the store, say 10 generators per store. This cuts down on the store's inventory while ensuring that the product will be sold in all stores.
     So, YES generators and air compressors are and have been sold at your Local Big Lots, just not on the day you walked in the store. Ask the manager when the next load is expected to arrive and if generators will be on it.
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I have no idea my neighbor told  me big lots had generators and air compressors. I am trying to find out.
P. Lee
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