How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Water Pump?


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The cost will depend on the car model but the total amount for an average water pump replacement will be around $300. This price can vary, but it is important to know how a car water pump works to gauge the price. When the engine is operational at a high Revolutions Per Minute (RPM) rate, it amasses tremendous heat which only goes on increasing the temperature of the whole system.

Yet if a coolant mechanism is not in place, then the engine will eventually burn out. This is the reason why there is a coolant mechanism in place; it circulates water around the engine and other heating systems. The water pump enables the water flow around the whole system.

Furthermore the water pump itself is also driven by the engine with the help of a multiple rib belt. A water pump is incessantly operational during the period of engine's operation. Since its operation is controlled by engine activity, water flow rate of the car water pump is regulated by engine RPM.

A thermostat is also involved, which helps in regulating the flow of the coolant, according to the temperature of the engine. As the engine RPM increases, so does the rate of water flow, this helps to maintain or lower the temperature of the engine.

So for the replacement of a water pump there is usually a lot of labor involved. The time to complete the whole job is usually around three and a half hours. In addition to that, parts that need to be replaced in as well as the pump can include the timing belt, camshaft seals, timing belt tensioner, coolant and fan belts, all of which can add to the total cost.
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Fortunately, Jeeps usually have an accessible water pump driven by the exterior serpentine belt.  These are the easiest to replace.  On this model, it should come in between 200 and 300 dollars.  If parts that should be inspected at this time (belt, hoses, etc.) need replacing it would be a bit more.  For the advanced DIY person, this is an easy repair.  I just replaced one on a Jeep Wrangler.  An Auto Zone replacement pump was only $30.00 for the part and it took about 2 hours.
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How much will it cost to have a water pump replaced in a 2003 jeep liberty by a mechanic an estimate
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Dodge 1500 1994
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That would depend on the vehicle ,the cost of the pump and if you do the work or have someone do it for you..
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I had mine done for around 360 dollars,but that was with also having the radiator boiled out and new hoses...the pump was around 68 dollars by itself..

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