What Is The Cleanest Part Of The Human Body?


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There is no specific answer for this question regarding the cleanest part of the human body.

  • The eye
It has been said that the eye might be the cleanest part of the human body. This is because the eye often tends to secrete salty fluid. Your eyes are always hydrated, unless they are dry because of allergies. This fluid removes debris and bacteria from the eye, so it could be the cleanest part of the body.

  • Organs
Your internal organs may be some of the cleanest parts of your body because those that secrete a high number of white blood cells are removing bacteria quickly and thoroughly. This may not always be the case, so this is why this is a second "choice" in answer to the question.

  • Under the fingernails
The underside of your fingernail may be the cleanest part of the body given that the nail bed is not exposed to the world. Of course when the nail grows out from the nail bed it stays less clean. Furthermore, there are some bacteria or fungi that can affect your nails, making them less clean.

It seems from the above information that there is no one "cleanest" area of the body. All humans will have bacteria on their skin. Some of this bacterium is healthy and some of it is not. Even the human cells can be outnumbered by bacterium. Internally there are many areas that have bacteria because the bacteria is there in order to clean the system, but it can turn on the body given the right conditions.
One is never as clean as one thinks they are even after a shower, especially if the soap is not washed away.

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The but people think about it even though there is poop you are supposed to wash your but everyday. It is also clean because it is never outside of your pants or underware outside. Well I hope not...
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Your but checks are the cleanest part of your body. The only thing they touch is a toilet seat which in fact is the cleanest part of the house

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