How Do You Clean A Turkey?


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If you mean a turkey that's already been plucked:

First place the bird on a sheet of greaseproof paper. You take out the giblets, which in a plucked turkey will be in a small plastic bag in the cavity. These can be kept for making gravy. Then you wash the bird thoroughly, both inside and out, with water and a clean cloth (if you know and trust your supplier, it may be enough if you just wipe it with kitchen paper). After washing, dry thoroughly with kitchen paper and give it more time to become completely dry, otherwise it may not brown quite so well.

There is some doubt over whether it's safe to stuff the turkey the night before you cook it. I always do, but some experts say you shouldn't, so maybe it's best to play safe.
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Pull the turkey out of the bag. Stick your hand inside of it and pull out the small white bag towards the back. It has the extra turkey parts in it. Rinse the inside out with warm water and salt. Pat down the outside with a dry paper towel and throw that away right away
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First thing to do is make sure your hands are properly cleaned. When you purchase a turkey from a grocery store, you do not have to clean it much. Here are some of the things you have to make sure before cooking it. A turkey needs to be field dressed. Field dressing involves removal of all the organs of a turkey's body. This is will keep the turkey fresh and maintain its flavour. Place the turkey on a big tray and rinse the turkey properly from the outside as well as inside. The skin of the turkey depends upon your cooking style. Graze the skin if you plan to deep fry the turkey. After you have cleaned the turkey, dry it by applying paper towel.
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In order to clean a fresh turkey, follow the given instructions:

Field dress the turkey as soon as you can in order to maintain the flavour and stop it from getting spoilt. A bow killed turkey should be field dressed within an hour, while a turkey killed by a shotgun in the head will stay fresh for many hours if the organs are not damaged and the weather is not hot.

If the weather is not cold, don't let a gutted turkey stay inside a car or exposed to sunlight. In order to gut a turkey, make a gash starting form the end of the breastbone almost to the anus. Remove the large intestine from inside the body, and then slice a full circle around the anus, thus freeing the intestine. Also remove the gizzard, heart, lungs and the liver. Rinse the inside of the body with water. Then skin the turkey and cook it in whatever way you want.

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