How Can I Make Chewing Tobacco?


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First grow some good tobacco (i.e. Pensylvania red leaf) then dry it, cure it, ferment it, dry it again then take some leaves and remove stems and veins, then add reduced fruit juice or molasses or honey and age it in a hard wood container for 1 month and your are done
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Here's a good blend to try- take some organic American Spirit brand rolling tobacco, in a small saucepan simmer agave nectar (or honey) with your flavorings, for a natural herbal bit I like to add wintergreen, uva ursi or bearberry, add a little water, when most of the water simmers out, add your tobacco to desired amount, simmer until all water is out then seal in a container and let cure for 1-6 months- enjoy, play with herbs, have fun
-v'tsi tlv'datsi
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Chewing tobacco helps growing childhood. Reduce fruit or honey and add this on tobacco. We creat a e cig liquid with wounderful flavour.

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Open up a cigarette, remove the tobacco inside and some nice flavor to it.. Crush it properly n chew on that.. I think it'll work mate.
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