How Do Animals Clean Their Teeth?


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Yes you should. Depending on the animal it can be a bit challenging. I have 4 ferrets and a cat, they can be a real challenge. Good dental health in all animals is important just as it is in humans. There are tooth brushes to fit each animal needs and toothpastes that animals generally like the taste of. Consult your vet on some effective ways to help brush your animals teeth. All you can do is your best, don't get too discouraged if it seems difficult. You also should maintain your animals teeth with dental cleanings from your vet. Good Luck
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Inside the lips and cheeks of many animals, there are outgrowths that form natural toothbrushes. Some mammals have these outgrowths on the side of their tongues also. Every time the animal opens and closes his mouth these natural toothbrushes sweep up and down in a cleansing action.
The lemur has six lower front teeth that protrude straight out of his front jaw. The underside of the front part of his tongue has small horny projections. By rapidly moving it back and forth over his teeth, he cleans them most effectively.
Mongooses use their sharp claws as toothpicks.In the sea the parrot fish's fused plate-like teeth are cared for and cleaned by small wrasses, spiny-finned fishes. These fellows also clean the scales of other fishes. They will even help the dreaded moray eel in his oral hygiene. They enter his mouth and clean away parasites. When this is going on the eel usually refrains from attacking his dentist.
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Yes you buy a special tooth brush for the animals and special toothpaste

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