How Do I Clean A Biorb Fish Tank. Websites With Pictures Please?


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In order to clean your biorb fish tank you will need a Reef One service kit to carry out the maintenance. This service kit contains a replacement filter cartridge, sachet of stress coat and stress zyme and a special algae cleaning cloth. Additional equipment that you can purchase are a 10-litre bucket for preparing water, 10 litre bucket for the dirty water and a cleaner pump. For more information on the Reef One service kit please see, which also includes pictures of the equipment that you, will be, required to purchase to maintain a good maintenance of your tank.

The service kit has step by step instructions that you can follow, but it is advised that you never remove more than 30 per cent of the aquarium’s water at one time. This is simply because nutrients build up in the tank over time, which if left unchecked can produce algae which will affect the health of the fish.  However, the partial water change will keep these nutrients at a healthy level. Also, you may find that cleaning the tank will cause some debris such as bits of dead plant.  You must remove as much of this as you can with a small fish net, but don’t worry if you can’t get all of it because the rest of the debris will simply settle in the filter after a day or two. 

However, if you feel that there is an unusual amount of debris, it may mean that you are either overfeeding the fish, or the tank is overstocked or even that you are not carrying out the maintenance often enough. It is advised that routine maintenance should be carried out every one to two months, but of course this is dependent on stocking and feeding levels. Please be warned that overfeeding, overstocking or messy fish can put extra demands on the filter. If this is the case, then cleaning may have to be carried out more regularly. For more information please see
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The biOrb can be cleaned easily with the cleaning pads provided with the service kits which need to be replaced every 4-8 weeks when you carry out a partial water change of 30% of the water. The biOrb is a low maintenance aquarium and will generally look after itself as long as you do not introduce too many fish too soon and feed the fish sparingly using a floating pellet type food (about 2-3 pellets per fish per day). Flake foods can often lead to a build up of dirt in the biOrb which can create issues with water quality and can encourage algae growth. You can find more information on how the aquarium works and how to care for your aquarium on the Reef One website at
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A great website that has instructions and directions about how to clean and care for a biorb aquarium is
Anonymous commented has a bunch of videos showing exactly how to clean and set up biorb aquariums, hope it helps
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First and foremost, remember that you must keep your biorb fish tank out of the sunlight. The reason is that when your biorb tank is exposed to excessive sunlight, there is a danger of an excessive growth of algae, and these in turn will turn the water within the tank dirty and brown looking. Another problem is that this will elevate the temperature within the tank, and this can be dangerous for the fish.
If you feel that the water has become cloudy, you must think hard about whether you have cleaned you fish tank recently, and sufficiently enough for the cloudiness and murkiness to disappear. If you feel that you have cleaned it recently, then you must change the feeding habits of your fish; you could be either over feeding them, or giving them the wrong type of fish food.
To clean out and remove the dirty water, you can use a siphon, and this will also help in removing the accumulated solid wastes within the tank.
Try not to use poor quality water, and make sure that your biorb fish tank remains clean and fresh at all times, so that your fish can thrive. You can go to: for further clarifications.
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I just got the reef one automated moterised cleaner,
I pop it in a leave it for 1 -2 hours. Then once thats done I then use  a hand pump water siphon and I then place the motor one over the dirt raised from hand pumping. Then a 40% water change, its okay to maintain because I don't like putting my hand into the tank with the fish ha!
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