How Do You Get Rid Of Calcium Spots In A Pool?


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Calcium carbonate deposits which are caused by exceptionally hard water are what causes calcium spots in a swimming pool. Bear in mind that these could also be caused by accumulation of dissolved solids. To remedy the situation you need to adjust pH to 7.2 - 7.8. You would also need to adjust total alkalinity. It would be best to check with the local pool chemical dealer regarding usage of any materials or acid in order to wash your pool.

There are different cleansers and other such liquids available to specifically deal with this problem that swimming pools face. You need to clean your pool regularly in order to avoid a calcium build up.

Check which form of chlorine suits your pool best. For instance when it comes to saltwater pools you are better off with liquid chlorine to super chlorinate.
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Great post! I've recently become a pool owner, so I don't have much experience. Speaking about cleaning, I use Intex pool cleaner and I'm pleased with the result. By the way, this resource helped me to make the right choice. Anyway, having read your information, I found out what I should take into account in order not to have a problem of calcium spots. Thanks a lot!

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