How To Kill Grass Without Killing Bushes?


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I can tell you about a few ways to kill grass without killing the bushes. The simplest way is to partly cover black and white news paper in the lawn you want to kill the grass in. you should make sure that you put the layer thick (at least 10 sheets) overlapping the area where the grass is suppose to be killed. Put a layer (4' thick) of wood chips so it does not blow away. You will see the grass killing in a couple of days.

Another simple home remedy to kill grass in your lawn, on sidewalks and driveways is to pour vinegar. In order to keep the bushes form being ruined, you should only use full strength white distilled vinegar. You can find a number of grasses and weed killer in stores but most of them will affect your bushes. Scythe is an organic grass and weed killer. It is easily available at all home stores, follow instructions on the bottle, to kill grass.

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