How Do You Make A Bow And Arrow?


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Take a peice of pvc about 4 to 5 feet long and drill 2 holes in the end about a inch to both ends then tie one end in the hole and put it in the other end and put your foot in the middle and push so it wil bend  a 5-6inch gap between the string and pvc bow  so it will not slap your arm when you pull it back
for the cord I used 1,000 pound nylon and some sort of fruit tree for the arrows they are about 3-4 feet long
shoots the arrows about 100 feet if you can get a good pull on it
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You can make a bow from different types of wood like cedar, hemlock, elm, willow, black locust, yew, mulberry etc. In other words, take a wood that will bend rather than break. Cut a small hole around the circumference of either end of the wood at an estimated one inch from the tip. This will prevent the string from sliding. You should look for a bow string that is seven inches shorter than the bow. A boot string, a jacket lace, a nylon cord are good materials for the bowstring. Make a slipknot at the loose end of the bowstring.

For the arrow, choose a straight stick that is about 3 or 3 and half inch long and half an inch in diameter. The stick of willow branches or hollow reed serves as best arrows. The narrow end should be chiselled into a sharp point. Make a notch in the other side for a place to keep the bowstring.

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