How Do You Make Slime At Home?


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You mix cornstarch and water. It is very simple and fun. It feels hard when you touch it under water but when you lift it up it flows... Its weird!!!
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Slime can be made by using a few household items. Care has to be taken to clean your hands after handling slime and not all the ingredients added to it are edible. You will need the following list of materials. Borax that is available at most grocery stores usually in the detergent section, White glue, Ziploc bags and Food colouring. You will also need some spoons and cups. You will need to mix around a quarter cup of water with each quarter cup of white glue, a tablespoon of borax in a cup of water. Mix equal quantities of borax solution and glue solution in the Ziploc bag and add a few drops of food colouring. Seal the bag and mix it well. The slime is now ready for use.

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