How Do You Paint A House Ginger Bread Style?


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When I read the question I interpreted it differently. You referred to painting a HOUSE in the gingerbread style. This is a paint technique in which a home (usually Victorian) is painted in 2 or 3 different but aesthetically-pleasing colors on the main parts of the house. The "gingerbread" refers to all the gabling, decorations, windowsills, etc., which can be very extensive. The "gingerbread" parts of the home exterior and painted several different colors but usually in shades (lighter or darker) than the "main" colors. Some try to use just a few " extra" colors; others go all out ! I read of a home where there were 17(!) colors used on the home's exterior, and it was gorgeous! Many are purists and stay with colors popular during the Victorian era. Others do just as beautiful a job with newer colors. Just remember, it's a tedious job, and make sure you can live with the color scheme you choose. Should you need help choosing colors, I can be of help. Same goes for period wallpaper, furniture, etc. Hope this helps. PS. "Queen Anne" style homes are usually smaller and formal, and the painting techniques described above can be used, but on a much smaller scale (less colors.)
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After building your gingerbread house, you can decorate it using your own imagination. A gingerbread house can be decorated using candy and colour. You can use dots which are made of bark coating to anchor the rows of candies to the roof of your gingerbread house in order to make the shingles of the roof, and you can also add a row of gumdrops along the top of the roof.

Many people also use candy canes to stand alongside the corners of the gingerbread house. For a doorknob, you can use a small round candy which is red in colour or of any other colour of your choice. A wreath which is made of candy which is green in colour can be placed on the front door of your gingerbread house. You can make icicles around the gingerbread house by squirting a little puddle of bark coating on the edge of the roof.
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