How Do You Turn A Double Wide Mobile Home Into A Log Cabin?


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Mobile homes are those homes which are generated in a factory or manufacturing units instead of being built on the site of the house itself. They are then carried to the site in semi trucks after being built. These kinds of houses are cheaper that built houses, in terms of the rate per square foot. Labelled under the term 'manufacture home' it is built completely in a sheltered surrounding governed by a federal code of the HUD (housing and urban development).

The two main types are single wides and double wides. On the other hand, a log cabin is a house which is made out of logs. Because of this simple reason, a mobile home cannot be turned into a log cabin; they are made out of entirely different components.
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I would like to report that there are several sites out there for cedar log siding for your exterior and interior panels as well. Modulog is a great site that shows several manufactured homes turned into log looking homes. I own a modular home and was looking to do the same thing! Just type in log siding in your search browser and do your homework and enjoy!!

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