Have They Stopped Making The Giant Plastic Lawn Easter Eggs? Where Are They From? I Can't Find Them Any Where Except E-bay. They Are Blow Molds With Bunny Faces On The Front. Thank You! Debbie


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Holidays are essential, it is when you put everything on pause to celebrate the occasion at hand, and every holiday season has its own unique decoration practices, when it is December; think long and tall trees. When it’s Easter, it is needless to mention that different styles of decorating eggs rule the day, especially for those wanting to decorate their lawns. While many wonder whether Giant Plastic Lawn Eggs are still manufactured, the truth is, they are far from extinction.

If you are one those that think the giant egg was long gone, well you are wrong. Though very hard to come by in local stores, most brick and mortars carry them between February and March, and many online stores sell them all year-round. When ordering online, you should begin your search at eBay, as they keep a wide selection for bidders; other popular vendors include Mike Kimball, the Oriental Trading Company and the Giant Party Store.

Giant Easter Eggs are ideal for any lawn during and after the Easter Egg Hunt; kids would enjoy playing with them, most sellers have different sizes and colors, some are up to fifteen inches tall. Most people hide toys, money and candy in these Giant Easter Eggs, they are also ideal for parties.

Oriental Trading Stores offers sets that come with stickers and toys inside, Mike Campbell offers eggs that are 16 in tall and ten inches in diameter and Giant Party Store offers an assortment of Jumbo Eggs that are perfect for Easter egg hunts. A little online research will help you locate many other vendors that offer Giant Plastic Eggs for your lawn.

Hope we’ve clarified the notion of ‘Giant Plastic Lawn Easter Eggs’ going extinct; you just have to look in the right places.

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