What Are The Main Requirements To Open A House Of Children?


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This will depend on where you are because each country has different legislation when it comes to children's homes. If you are in the United States, you will also need to check out federal and state law, because each state could have different criteria.

  • Law regarding children's homes
Whatever you find that the law states, you will find that it is very strict in making sure that the laws are carried out and upheld because this would be an institution dealing with children, who are vulnerable members of society.
  • Time to set this up
Opening a children's home is not something that can be undertaken lightly, nor can it be done quickly. Wherever you are you are going to find that everything has to be just right from the building that you want to use, to the furniture and equipment that you will need, to the staff that you hire.

  • Staff
The staff that you intend to employ are going to have to have recognized childcare qualifications and they will also need to have passed police checks so that you can be as certain as it is possible that the children are going to be in good hands.

It isn't just carers that you will need to employ. Some children who have to go into care have very serious psychological problems that need to be dealt with by a medical professional.

  • Other organizations
You are also going to have to develop links with other childcare agencies and develop a good working relationship with them. These are going to government led and they will be watching you carefully to make sure that you have the children's best interests at heart.
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I want the answer of my question acording to Maria Montessori's ideas and thoughts as she decided to start the house of children and I want the detailed answer of my question to complete my assignment thanks.

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