How Does A Greenhouse Work?


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A green house is made up of glass. It takes solar energy form the sun and converts it into thermal energy. You can easily observe this happening in your day to day life. On a hot sunny day, when you park your car in sunlight with the windows rolled up. The solar energy passes through the window and heats up the inner atmosphere of your car. As a result, everything in the car becomes warm. This happens because the infra red rays are of a shorter wavelength before they touch the window.

As they pass through the glass, they become of a longer wavelength. Infra red rays of a longer wave length cannot escape. As a result they get absorbed by the objects surrounding them. This is how a green house creates an ideal setting to grow plants. Plants get enough energy and sun light to absorb and grow.
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Light energy from the sun is concentrated in the visible spectrum, and so passes easily through the glass walls and ceiling of a greenhouse. The energy is absorbed by the objects and the ground inside the greenhouse. These then become hotter, and emit infrared radiation (black body radiation). The infrared radiation can't pass through the glass and escape, as would normally happen. Instead the glass warms up, trapping the heat and warming the greenhouse.

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