How Does A Yale Lock Work?


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Yale locks are one of the most highly advanced locks in the world. The working of the Yale locks is very complicated and it is impossible to open the lock without its key. It is one of the most trusted lock companies in the world. The only way to open the lock without the key is to break it. You cannot open the lock using a hair pin or anything that is proved to be instrumental in the opening of a lock.

The lock works by using serrated edges inside the mechanism of the lock. These edges hold the lock in position and do not budge. The key which comes along with the lock is unique. No locksmith has the ability to copy it. Yale locks are used all over the world as it has high security.
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I don't know if a locksmith can or cannot copy the key but i do know that if you have a blank of the key you can make an impression of the original with the lock and it is possible to pick the lock with lock picks but very difficult i cant but my friend can and you can also use padlock shims which slide down the shaft of the lock to open it the only way to stop shims is with ball baring locking mechanisms that i know of you might still be able to do it.

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