Who Were Scallywags And Carpetbaggers?


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The end of the American Civil War brought many changes to the United States. First of all, slavery was abolished, which was quite a drastic change for both whites and blacks equally. Secondly, Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, which was the first happening of its kind, as he was the first president of the United States to be dying like that. In addition to that, the process of reconstruction had its own share of pluses and minuses.

Along with all these dramatic changes, there was some interesting vocabulary that was coined just after the American Civil War, going into the history of the United States as important terms that should be remembered, while recalling historic details. Two of these terms were Scalawags and Carpetbaggers. A Scalawag was a person who had recently joined the Republican party and was previously a member of the confederate South during the process of reconstruction. As far as Carpetbaggers are concerned, they were Northerners who had newly entered the South to take control of the states, reveling in their power and their victory over the South.

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