What Colors Do You Mix To Get Brown?


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Red, yellow, and blue work best. The more yellow you add, the lighter the brown. I suggest 1/4 red, 1/4 blue, 1/2 yellow
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Purple and red  hope I helped Plz rate this helpful if it helped because I LOVE helping people
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Purple and Red
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There are lots of different ways to get the colors you want. Brown is one of those colors that can be mixed by combining colors that are opposite on the color wheel - orange and blue, green and red, yellow and purple. Here's a Clay mixing color chart that will help more than me blabbering.
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Brown is an amalgamation of colors; no two of the primary colors will make brown when mixed together.
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You can mix purple and red to get brown. Brown is a tertiary colour, which means it is a colour that can be made by mixing a primary and secondary colour together. If you mix any primary colour with any secondary one, you are bound to get brown, grey, black, or dark purple. However, I think combination of red and purple works best.
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The colour brown is made up from low intensity dark red and orange. The colour brown can be formed by mixing black complementary colours to red or orange. Generally being a low intensity colour it is subjected as a tertiary colour in its original technical sense.

A mixture of three subtractive primary colours is brown if the content of cyan is low. Brown is present as a colour perception only in the existence of a darker colour contrast. Red or orange objects are still apparent as such if the basic lighting level is low. In spite of shining the same amount of red or orange light as a brown article would in standard lighting conditions.

The first documented use of brown as a colour name in the English language was in 1000.
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You use I think red blue and yellow
but you use hte same amount of red and blue (depending on what you are using it for) and then a much smaller amount of yellow

I think that is right

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