How To Break A U Lock?


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If you like to open the lock of your bike, first of all you will have to grab the jack from the car. Between the you-lock and the object to which the bike is attached by locking, you would have to insert the jack in such a manner that its upper portion would point at the crossbar of the you-lock. Now, you would have crank up the jack towards the upward direction. The crank will put pressure on the lock, which will cause the lock to open.

A car jack from the pickup truck can be used. There are certain things you should take care of such as there might be a chance of bending the bike's frame. There may be a possibility of ruining the jack, if not properly handled, you may hurt yourself. You should also register your bike before opening the bike's lock; otherwise the cops may catch you for stealing the bike.
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you freeze the lock first then u hit it with a hammer that will shatter the inside and fall apart

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