How Do You Keep A Mantel Clock Pendulum Going?


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A beautiful mantle clock, needs a key to it wind up. At the base of your pendulum, you will see a rating nut. To keep your clock working at a good speed, you need to wind this nut in a clockwise direction. When you do this it will raise the bob of the pendulum. If you find that your piece is losing time, you should wind the clock according to the time it loses. If you find that your clock is losing five minutes in a month, then you should wind your clock very slightly. It is better if you turn it ½ in the initial time. Let the clock work for 24 hours, if you still feel that it is slow, turn the nut a little more. You can turn the rating nut according to your idea.
It might take few trials to get the accuracy of the turn and clock. Remember that the dropping bob of the pendulum slows the speed of the clock. If you raise the bob pendulum, it runs faster. It is not a tough job; all it takes is patience.

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