I Am A Short Tempered Man, How Can I Control My Anger And Sustain Relationships With Girls?


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Getting angry is quite natural but getting angry often, angry over silly things and getting angry very soon may be due to some reason. If we see in medical field,it may be due to high blood pressure. So go get your blood pressure checked by some doctor, and follow the doctor's advice. Controlling over the temper is some times like trying to stop the fast moving wind, which may seem to be impossible, but is possible. The best way to control over the temper is regular meditation. Through meditation, you can get control over your mind(may be not 100%). Getting control over the mind is the highest achievement that human being will ever have. It will ultimately help you to get out of your temper, practice yoga, do surya namaskar, pranayama. This will help you in getting rid of your bad-temper. If you do all this, you will naturally sustain a good relationship not with only girls but with every person in this world.
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I used to have a lot of anger myself for no reason at all, then I start seeing a counselor and he help me a lot, I can tell you that I don't know what anger means any more. Maybe you want to try the same.
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I am short tempered sometimes myself. I still have trouble with controlling it, at rare occasions. You might want to "train" yourself.(and please do not think that this means that you are crazy, do it alone) Sit down and repeat to yourself, "I WILL, in the power that I have, NEVER HIT." and after you are used to saying that to yourself, look in the mirror when you say it.

Now repeat "I will, NEVER HIT A WOMAN!" Say that in front of the mirror when you are used to saying it to yourself. Try different sayings that you can say to yourself,(that are positive only) and then look at yourself when you are saying them. Realize that there is a person there, and there is a person on the other end of what you are saying. Process this: THINK about what you just said, pretend that you just said it to the ONE PERSON WHO IS GOING TO KNOW what you are thinking and saying. Trying to perceive how the person will react to your angry outburst. Stop there, and feel the hit of your own words. I capitalized the words that you should be able to figure out for yourself. I really hoped that I have helped you.
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Relations are very sensitive and one has to go through many hardships and problems to strengthen them. Sometimes one has to sacrifice a lot to maintain them and to guard them. So far your question is concerned that you are a short-tempered man and how can you control your anger and sustain relationships with girls can be explained in this way.

Girls are mostly very sensitive while making relations with boys. They like to choose such a boyfriend who has all the best qualities like love, good habits, polite nature and attitude as well as good behavior especially towards the girls. If you want to sustain relationships with girls, first of all you will have to control your anger and be polite towards the girls.

For controlling your anger you should analyze those reasons, which are the cause of anger and try to rectify them. If you will be able to control your anger and adopt those habits and behaviours, which I mentioned above, I am very much sure many girls will be attracted towards you and you can make relationships with them and hence your problem will be solved.
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That is a good question.  There is no one answer.  There are many ways to deal with anger issues, and there is no singular one that will do the trick.  It's a process starting with your personal conviction to change your behaviour and how you deal with stress.  Pent up anger can eat you alive .. And .. It will explode in the most damaging circumstances possible.  It's a form of sabotage.  You can get help for that kind of thing by looking inward .. And perhaps even outward. There are anger management classes that can provide you with tools to manage your thought process and anger issues.

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