How Much Does It Cost To Build A Pond?


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To get an idea of the average cost of building a pond with the help of professional equipment, we suggest taking a look at the Aqua Habitat website, which lists a range of options. These prices are likely to be out of the price range of many garden owners looking to have nothing but a small ornamental or wildlife pond.

  • Cheaper Options
So how much would it cost to build a small pond? Assuming that the owner is prepared to dig the necessary hole, and that the soil dug out can be utilized on other parts of the garden, the cost for a small pond does not have to be astronomical, as only a liner and a few plants are required.

  • Pond Liners
The cheapest, and most flexible choice of liner for a pond is to get a liner underlay and a so-called flexiliner. For example, a 4m x 4m pond liner and underlay could cost between £41.44 ($68.26) and £63.80 ($125.27) at, a site which by the way also has a handy little calculator for determining how big a liner needs to be for a given pond size.

The following list shows the prices on which the above figures were based:

  • 4m x 4m Underlay:
basic quality material £17.60 ($28.99)
best quality material £27.20 ($44.81)

  • 4m x 4m 3ply Liner:
£23.84 ($39.27) with 15 year guarantee
£28.64 ($47.18) with 25 year guarantee
£36.64 ($60.36) with 40 year guarantee

Obviously prices will vary between both countries and manufacturers, but we do hope that the information given here will be of some help in getting some sort of general idea how much will it cost to build a pond.
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The cost varies from pond size like if it is a small then it costs lower then the large one, but the following website can help you out that what could be the average cost:
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To build a frog pond first of all look for and ideal place which is partly shady, has a little bit of sunny area, but make sure it is not directly under trees, because certain tree leaves can be poisonous for frogs.

Position the pond near a compost heat, certain section of the compost heap can be raised on old bricks, which will offer frogs protected access to insects and worms. Plant Shrubs and try covering the ground near the pond to give the frogs a comfortable resting place, hiding spots and also so that they can obtain shelter from predators.

Vegetation will also attract insects to your garden which the frogs can consume. A pile of rocks or a broken log will surely offer some shady and cool spots for the frogs. Dig a pit remove all sharp objects from the pit so that they do not harm the frogs. Construct a boundary of stone around the pit and fill with water.
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Of course it depends on size of the pond and how much of the work you do yourself. There is a pond cost calculator which estimates costs for building and stocking a pond at

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