Will Window Air Conditioners Mount In Side Sliding Windows?


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Yes, it is possible to do this, however, once you have attached the air conditioner to the sliding window, you need to make absolutely sure firstly that it is firmly attached and secondly that all the gaps and edges and sealed up so that no other air can get in a mess with the thermostat.

Before you can attach a window air conditions to side sliding windows, you firstly need a frame that will secure it into place. Rather than buying one of these, it is perfectly possible to make one of these yourself, if you have the skills for it. The equipment you will need to make this is two or less planks of 2x4 wood, twelve deck screws or any other type of long wood screws will do, a drill, a saw, a screwdriver and some plywood scrap.

The first thing for you to do is to measure your air conditioner and make a note of the lengths. Be sure to include any vents that stick out. Measure the height of the window opening and then take this measurement again right up against the glass to avoid any errors such as sloping windowsills.

Secondly, cut your 2x4 planks as followed: Three the same size as the width of your air conditioner and two the same height of the window frame.

Lay down a shorter piece of the 2x4 and screw the ends of the longer one into the shorter one. Use two deck screws at each connection point. Join the others together to make a rectangle, making sure that the corners are square and level.

Next you want to fit your air conditioner into the bottom half of the frame, but don't screw anything into place yet. Try to hold it all in place where you are going to put it to see if it all seems to fit. If it all looks good, the mark on the frame where the top of the air conditioner. This is to show where the bottom of the plywood will sit when you nail it into place to cover the top half of the frame.

To install this frame, simply open the window and slide the frame up inside against the window frame.
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Yes, but you must seal the space left after installing the air conditioner,so the thermostat will be able to work properly.
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You can't turn it on it's side and there are AC's made for sliders but start at @ $300.Google "air conditioner in slider window".
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Well the window air conditioner on energy saver you are telling me that it well turn off the light is still on and unit turns off it well come back on is that what you are telling me
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Window air conditioners do not mount in any windows, they are mounted on the wall ! They are just called window A/C since they look like a window from inside the house.

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