Define Window And Window Treatment?


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Window has become an important part of our life. Especially in the hotter countries like Pakistan and many other countries, windows are used on a large scale as compared to the colder countries. This is a structure of any shape with net or a glass in between. This allows fresh breeze to blow in the room and keep the room cool.

Windows have become a part of our life and our house and rooms. We have to take care of the windows. We have to keep them just like our children and have to also keep them clean. This will allow them to work more efficiently and more reliably. Windows nowadays are found everywhere, not only in houses, but also in sacred places and several other places found in our daily routine. Windows can take many shapes. These can be circular, square but the most commonly found shape is rectangular.

If they are sliding and and they are not moving freely, then we need to oil the railing on which they slide. The glass of window can washed with any detergent and it will be better if they cleaned or wiped with the old newspaper.
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Zainbaboo told you all about windows. Now in Texas, window treatments are the draperies and swags and doo-dads that we hang around windows for adornment. In places like Santa Fe where the scenery is spectacular the windows are left mostly unadorned. Window treatments abound in locals where there isn't much to look at outside the window. In Texas there is a whole plethera of cornices, shades, plantation shutters, yards of fabric that loop-del-oop and tie in knots and so on.....
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