Can Anyone Explain The Difference Between Engineered Wood Floors And Hardwood Floors?


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Engineered wood floors are man-made (think plywood) in layers and glued/epoxied/or heat-joined. While to the layman's eye there isn't a world of difference in their looks (there is a difference tho'), engineered floors are usually more scratch/wear resistant than real solid wood floors. However, if you gouge or deeply scratch an engineered floor, the difference in the layers will be evident whereas a solid wood floor is basically the same color throughout the plank. Some engineered wood is water resistant, but to my knowledge none is water proof. When an engineered floor gets soaked, as in a flood, the floor pieces begin to separate and curl (ugly) real wood floors, if properly attached, will not "come apart", but it will warp/shrink/mold overtime. But with real wood, you can REsand REshape and REfinish the floor...with engineered wood you can only REplace! Hope this helps... :)
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There is indeed a difference between the two but both are often the choices when it comes to wood flooring. Solid hardwood flooring is considered a homogeneous type that usually offer about 3/4 thickness, standard width of 3.25 inches. There are also various choices when it comes to solid hardwood flooring namely red oak, maple, pine, white oak, and hickory wood species.

On the other hand, Engineered wood flooring is a layered wood style wherein there's a thin slice of hardwood on the top and the base is a high-quality plywood. In terms of installation, this is easier than the solid hardwood. You can either choose stapling, nailing or even glue, while Solid is either nailed or stapled and never installed in floating basis. But the choices for engineered flooring is fewer than solid hardwood. A few of the popular choices are red oak, and brazilian cherry.

Plus there are matters of sanding, which solid hardwood is better than engineered and overall durability point also goes for solid hardwood.

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Hello, there is a common floor covering in the form of parquet, there is even a floor tile that is called parquet. Outwardly it looks like a real engineered hardwood flooring, but in reality they are different materials. I prefer real wood flooring, it is warmer and stronger.

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