How Do You Remove Dog Urine Stains From Hardwood Floors?


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Pet urine stains are a big pain, especially when you have hard wood floors. Here are some tips on the removal of such stains:

Take some undiluted Hydrogen Peroxide and pour it into a squirt bottle. Spray the stain with this solution and let it remain untouched for around one minute. You should then be able to scrape off the varnish with no difficulty. After doing this, reapply the solution in a generous amount on the area. Let it remain untouched, this time for a longer period of at least two hours. You might have to sand the area and apply hydrogen peroxide many more times, depending on how long back the stain was created and how much surface area it covers. After the stain is off you will have to obviously have to refinish the affected area.
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Hardwood flooring is such a beauty but maintaining it is not that easy especially if you have kids and pets. The potential scratches and stains is something you have to be prepared so you can have solutions ready for your hardwood floors. If you accidentally had dog urine stain, you can try below:

1. Prepare a wet paste of baking soda or you can sprinkle it directly on the stain. Allow it to sit or seep through the spot for a couple of hours or as long as it is completely dry. Scrub the floor thoroughly with a solution mix of water and white vinegar. But be keen with the scrub because you wouldn't want to have a scratch after you are done with the cleaning. Then you can wipe away using a clean cloth. Others says that you can also soak up the clean cloth with hydrogen peroxide but I haven't tried that one yet.

Hope this suggestions can help you in removing the dog urine stain. :)

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