How To Remove Ink Stain From Lino Flooring?


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Removing ink stains can be tricky as unfortunately lino does tend to stain easily. However, I do have some suggestions which will, hopefully, work.

  • The first thing to try is hairspray. I know it sounds crazy, but it does work.
  • Pure alcohol is another good one too - try to use vodka as there is no colour to it and very little smell. Rubbing alcohol will work too.
  • WD40 is another recommendation; it works for so many things and I have heard that ink stains on lino is amongst them.
  • If the above don't work, you may have to try a medium scrubbing pad or some wire wool, but please be as gentle as possible.

If you do have to resort to the scouring idea, you will need to apply wax to the area afterwards to protect it.

Also, please make sure that you test a small area that is unlikely to be seen before using any of the above. They should all be fine, but it is best to be safe - good luck!

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In order to remove the ink you will also have to remove a bit of the floors finish, so the first step is to match your current stain. You can take a scrap piece of flooring to the paint store or get a color deck from the paint store and match it yourself. Most products have a free color swatch with all their colors. I recommend a gel wiping stain as they are easy to control, Dutch Masters is my favorite. Follow by a wipe on clear polyurethane. Practice with both these products on scrap lumber beforehand.

To remove the ink you can use chemicals like lacquer thinner or just sand it. Consider how the ink is distributed, for long swipes I would try lacquer thinner on a swab, for a puddle I would probably use sandpaper, starting with 150 grit and finishing with 220 grit. You will probably have to take it down to the bare wood, so remove as little as possible. When the ink is removed, apply the gel stain sparingly and then polyurethane. Poly comes in different glosses and you need to match the existing. Newer hardwood floors are often Satin and older floors are typically Semi-gloss.

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