How Do You Get Red Ink Stain Out Of Velvet?


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Vikash Swaroop answered
It is not very difficult task for you to get the red ink stains removed from velvet and one of the easiest ways to perform the job is to clean the cloth with any kind of detergent that you use for your normal cleaning. When you find that your cloth is quite clean and there is no dirt in it, what you are required to do is to take some eucalyptus oil in a bowl and dip that part of the velvet that is being affected by red ink. You will find that the oil has immediately removed the stains and your velvety cloth is as stain-free as it earlier was.

Now you will find that the stain is being removed but there is a smell of the eucalyptus oil in the fabric. To remove that smell you should let the cloth be in air for a while and very soon the smell of eucalyptus oil is removed and you have your cloth; stain and smell free.

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