How Do You Get Yellow Highlighter Stains Out Of Clothes?


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Rubbing alcohol- it really works! My girl friend came over and her highlighter (yellow) bled all over the white sheets on my bed-- I noticed the stain hours after. I put 70% rubbing alcohol and it got the stain out- I had to use a lot though. Just pour the alcohol on the stain and rub over the stain with a clean cloth- you may have to repeat. I had to do it 4 times before the stains came out, but it works for sure
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If your cotton is like a cotton T-shirt and there's neon yellow highlighter marks for example it may take effort to remove it but you can do it if it's really worth it and that important to you, probably 98% to 99% visually gone completely as follows. Recommended to pre-soak twice minimum before first wash attempt and do the whole thing up to 3 times before you know it's possible. . The pre-soak is excellent when you hit the stains with SHOUT spray or gel and then the hidden treasure is OXY CLEAN degergant that's in most every market from superstores to walgreens. . Put oxy clean on the wet shout and let it sit for 15 minutes and keep activating it with more shout as it tries to dry out. When it dries out it's hardens like sugar so you may want to empty the hardened parts in the trash before throwing the clothes in the wash but it doesn't matter much either way, and hitting multiple stains with the shout and oxy clean and more shout can use up a bottle of shout quite fast so keep it in mind when the procedure is for if it's worth it. . Some clothes are indeed hard to come by and so we continue. . After you pre-treat with the shout and oxy clean twice minimum over the coarse of an hour or so before you wash and then do the whole thing up to three washes I can rest assure you will have a lighter mark well over 70% of a fresh neon highlight marker mark or it will be completely gone depending on the way the situation came about happening.

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