How To Remove A Chili Sauce Stain From Clothes?


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A chili sauce stain can be removed by using a combination of hot water, a reliable detergent, and a quick response to the stain.

Remove any excess sauce from the item of clothing, and then blot the stain with the detergent and hot water, to remove the grease and break down the stain.

  • What will I need?
There are two methods for removing the stain. The first, and more reliable, is to use a good detergent and a cup of hot water, and a cloth for blotting the stain.

The alternative involves baking powder and cold water to absorb the stain. You should note that cold water on grease doesn't usually shift it, though. It will help remove things like natural sugars, and to an extent degrade the stain, but it's not standard practice.

  • How do I remove the stain?
You should remove any excess sauce, or bits of meat or chili from the item of clothing. You then need to blot the stain - do not rub it. Rubbing the stain will smudge it and let it settle deeper into the fabric.

By doing this, you will remove the grease. You can use a de-greasing agent directly in the wash if you wish. It will achieve the same outcome. If washing manually, you should let the detergent sit for up to an hour, with regular checks.

  • What if the stain doesn't come out?
Chili dishes can often contain stronger varieties of pepper, such as jalapeno or cayenne. With these stronger tastes, come slight differences in the acidity of the oil they produce, which in some cases can make a stain more durable.

If your detergent can't remove the stain manually, or during a cycle in the washing machine, then it is recommended you seek professional cleaning assistance. They have access to stronger cleaning chemicals and detergents, which are unsafe for public use, but will work.

If a stain remains, you can dab some very diluted bleach on it, but only if it's a superficial color mark. If it's still a physical stain, you should avoid this. This option only applies to white clothing also.
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You can use bleaching power, kerosene oil or petrol to remove the chili sauce stains from the clothes. Try everything one by one.
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There are many ways. If chili sauce is fresh,the way is that first you put clothes into water, then use detergent.

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