How Do I Remove A Coke Stain From Clothing That Is Dry Clean Only?


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Try oxyclean Spray. It will definitely help you in removing all kinds of stains. It is easily available in
powder form; you just have to mix it with water, put it in a spray bottle and then spray on the area from where you want to remove the strain. Leave it for three to five minutes and then wipe it off. It works wonders.

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Lay the clothing on a flat surface so that you can clearly see the stain. Apply a shampoo or a shaving cream on it. That really works for soil stains. Since coke has the same color, it might work for that too. I have a link that I am sure would be quite helpful to you.
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I had what I thought was Coke stain on my 5 yr old 100% polyester dry clean only bridesmaid dress that I planned to wear to a military ball, and by the time I realized it, it was too late to have it dry cleaned...after sifting through tons of various sites I finally decided to combine two possible solutions to make my own. A little bit of Borax and a dab of mild facial cleanser in a bowl of warm water. Dab it on with a washcloth....put a washcloth or towel on the underside of the cloth as well....and let it dry. That's literally all I did, and the stains are disappeared instantly. Borax is a natural, inexpensive laundry booster/cleanser in the form of a powder that can be bought at pretty much any grocery store.
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I advise you not to use any thing on the stain because it is a dry clean only. Use of oxyclean etc are not for dry clean cloths. Good idea is take it to dry cleaner who can handle it professionally without any damage.

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