How Do I Remove Smoke Stains From Clothing That Has Been In A Fire? What Are The Best Products For Sale To Remove Stains From Smoke Damaged Clothing?


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Will Martin answered
You can treat small scorched or smoke-stained areas by rubbing  the area with half a sliced onion; leave for a few minutes and then wash in cold water. However, this is only really effective if the stains are recent.

There is one website, here which recommends using a dry cleaning solvent; you could get more details there.

Otherwise the best stain remover I know is the "Easy Oxi" fabric stain remover. It certainly gets rid of a lot of stains, though I must admit I haven't tried it on smoke stains. It's available at most large supermarkets such as Tesco, and I have also seen it in pound shops. But probably the best solution of all is to go to a professional dry cleaner - expensive, but effective.

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