How Do You Remove/clean Limestone Stains?


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Cleaning limestone stains is much like cleaning another stain that has been left to set.

You will probably attack the problem with several solutions but in the end you should be successful.  Which method you employ will probably depend on how long the stain has been sitting.

1. First of all, you can simply try scrubbing the stain with a damp cloth.  If the stain is newer this can be effective.  You can also try a bristle brush.

2. Secondly, you can try a masonry detergent which, as its name suggests, is a special kind of cleaning solution that is designed to work best with building supplies and materials.  Follow the directions on the bottle as each product is different.

3. Third, you can try a commercial poultice, which is a mixture of ground chalk and hydrogen peroxide.  Much like the detergent, different brands may alter their ingredients, which includes the substitution of active ingredients other than hydrogen peroxide.

Wet the poultice with distilled water.

Apply the poultice to the stained area.

Let it soak in for at least 48 hours.  Over this time, the solution will be absorbed into the limestone.

Rinse it off.

You can also try to use other caustic solutions with things you find around the house.  For instance, you might have some luck using a solution that contains vinegar and water applied to a spare or old toothbrush (instead of a bristle brush, for example).

If the limestone is outside, you can also try to use things like a pressure washer.
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I recently had a large pink stain from the plastic surrounding fresh flowers on Portuguese limestone I tried everything I could including bleach.  I caught a small moment of how clean is your house , and decided to try lemon juice and salt over the limestone hearth and it worked .
The lemon and salt was not connected may I add to the cleaning of limestone it was being used on something completely different in the programme but I decided to give it a try and it worked for me..
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Limestones and all other natural stones are porous in nature and absorb materials very easily, causing the surface to stain. The best removal strategy for Limestones is the stain reversal process using Poultice. Poutice is made from powdered whiting and hydrogen peroxide or a chemical reducing agent. The process is very simple and the type of poultice depends on the nature of stain but you can easily make it at home. Here is a link that has a step by step guide on how poultice is made and applied for stain removal. Stain removal
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Rub off stains immediately either with a damp cloth and gentle soap or brush off . Some stains can be removed using a bristle brush, especially when they're new. The sooner the item is attended to, the better.

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Limestone stain removing is an easy process.

  • Use dry mop or broom to clean the dirt..

  • Clean the area to remove dirt to avoid scratch on the tiles. Use warm water with mild soap and use damp rag to wet the area. Wipe down the area using rag.

  • Use baking soda in sponge or towel at rub it on the stains. Rinse with water.

  • You can choose best steam vacuum cleaner for limestone cleaning. Be careful while operating vacuum cleaner, otherwise you will ended up with scratches on the tiles. .

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