How Do You Get Stains Out Of Baseball Pants?


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As quickly as possible! The exact method really depends on what the stain is from as there are different techniques for different stains. If the stain is liquid then blot as much of the liquid out of the fabric as quickly as you can after it happens. The quicker you treat the stain the more likely it is to come out. If you cannot treat the stain immediately try not to do anything which may set the stain further; e.g. Don't dry out the stain with a dryer, don't rub with hot water, etc.

For liquid stains, work on the back of the fabric so as not to damage the visible material. Use cool water to gently blot the fabric, try not to rub as this could damage the material and spread the stain. Before you use anything stronger than water on the stain check the products label; if the item is not too fragile a stain remover can be used in addition to the water. Once you have done this, leave the item to air dry; it is important not to tumble dry or radiator dry as this will set any of the stain still remaining.

Darker/ thicker stains such as ketchup can be removed in a similar way. Start by removing any of the excess condiment and, as with the liquid stains, blot as much as possible of the stain out. Next you will need to use a clean cloth to blot a warm water/detergent mix in to the stain. Again, do not rub the area or the stain will spread and for the same reason do not use too much water on the cloth.

These two processes will work for most stains however, use common sense, these methods won't work on stains from chewing gum, glue etc.
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The first answer is bull-crap!!!! My son has been playing traveling baseball for yrs and iv tired everything. Iv let them soak in water, cascade, and traveling clean for days and even have sprayed them with spray &wash and then scrub it with a brush, them let them soak. Although it has worked, but it don't when its wet mud stains
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It is quite easy process to get the stains out of the baseball pants or from any cloth for that matter. As you have described baseball pants in a particular way, so we can assume that the stains belong to the mud category and getting rid of such stains is not a very difficult task for you.

The process that you will have to follow is that soak the cloths in water and a good detergent powder for almost half an hour. When you take it out from water, you should rub a good detergent cake on it and also use a brush. The stains are bound to be removed as the treatment you are applying is effective till date for all kind of mud stains.
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I use ESPRO SPORTS CLEANER Stain Remover with Odor-Guard.  It gets out all the tough stains: Red clay, mud, grass, blood, field paint, you name it.  It is used by many of the top collegiate athletic programs and several pro baseball organizations.  It is very environmentally friendly and it will not harm colors.  It is the only stain remover I need around the house.


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