How Do You Get Black Rubber/tire Stain Out Of Shirts?


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Black rubber or tire stains are some of the most unsightly stains around as they can instantly make a shirt look grubby and dirty. Not only do these stains look bad, they are also notoriously difficult to remove. Putting the shirts in with the rest of your dirty laundry in the laundry machine may not completely remove the stains. In this respect, you may need to try a few other things first before giving up.

- If the stain has only just been transferred onto the shirt, try to scrub it out using a cloth or sponge soaked in warm, soapy water. Using water with a household cleaner and a soft bristled brush may also help to remove the stains. Even if you cannot remove all the stains, this option may get rid of a lot of the surface dirt.
- Mixing trisodium phosphate with water may also be an option. As this chemical can be very hardwearing and corrosive on skin, make sure to wear a pair of rubber gloves with scrubbing the stain. Make sure to fully rinse the formula off when you are finished.
- Some people have reported that lemon juice is effective in removing stains from white shirts.
- There are also a number of household cleaners and products that claim to be able to remove stains of this type. One example that is mentioned in some internet forums is the creamy hand cleaner 'Goop.'
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I have had very good luck using Goop creamy hand cleaner, rub it in and then wash as usual, also works well for grease stains.
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You can cover the stain with cream of tartar, then dip the spot in hot water. Let it stand 5 minutes, then wash as usual. You can also use lemon juice for white shirts.

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