How Can I Remove Wax Spa Hair Removal That I Spilled Everywhere?


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There is nothing more irritating than spilling wax on surfaces and fabrics, however there are some simple methods that you can carry out in order to remove hot hair wax.

  • How to remove hair removal wax from glass
One of the problems with hair wax is that it is hot and sticky and when it spills most people panic and simply try and scrub it off. In some cases this leaves the surface of fabric or whatever material it has spilled on to worse off.

  • Step 1
When it comes to a wax spillage on glass you need to firstly go and grab an ice cube and run it over the surface where the wax has spilled. After rubbing the ice along it for some time you should get hold of a knife, but make sure it's not sharp because that could be dangerous. Use the blunt knife to pull away the wax from the glass.

  • Step 2
If you find you have remains of wax left, you should grab a hair dryer and heat up the left over spots, of which you can then scrape off once they have loosened from the glass. Lastly, heat up some water and pour it over the glass surface just to ensure all the wax has gone. You can then use a rag to wipe down the affected area.

  • Remove from fabric
Firstly get a non-sharp knife and scratch away as much wax as possible. Then you should get a piece of paper or a brown bag on top of it and carefully iron over the wax. If there is any dye left on the fabric, pour a tiny amount of denatured alcohol and dab with a sponge of water. Proceed to washing the fabric as normal.
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I spilled GI GI wax and its a cream wax even to the touch of my fingers it heats up again it smears everywhere.. A little help?
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Use ice to freeze the stain of the wax spilled everywhere and then use plastic spatula to carefully scrape the wax.

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